ShunIPCalc 3.0

ShunIPCalc calculates subnet masks, subnet addresses, and broadcast addresses
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ShunIPCalc is an easy-to-use program that enables you to comprehend the behavior of subnets by calculating subnet masks, subnet addresses, broadcast addresses and more. In the "Mask Calculator" tab you can play with the fields in order to obtain different types of subnetwork masks, which allows you to have IPs on the same physical subnetwork using security rules between subnets. You can enter different values for IP addresses, force the class, select a supernet, enter the number of subnets or enter hosts per subnet. Every time you change these parameters you will obtain different results. At the bottom of the window the result of the mask is shown as "nnnnnnnn.nnnnnnnn.ssssssss.hhhhhhhh", where "n" represents the network, "s" the subnet and "h" the host.

The "list of subnets" window shows the calculation result of subnet addresses, range and broadcast addresses. In the "Subnet calculator" tab you can calculate the subnet address, broadcast address, number of subnets and host per subnet - If any of the fields is not in the range of admissible parameters you will see a legend "Invalid" for the incorrect field. The "Converters" tab allows you to convert certain IP address into hexadecimal and binary code.

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  • Inbuilt help explains what IP addresses, IP classes, subnets, and subnet masks are


  • You need to know some things about networks in order to understand how the program works
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